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Our editors team are expert at their work. Our QC guys checks the images and make sure the images looks great before we send it to you. We can do unlimited revisions and can be paid after the completion of work satisfactorily.
• We have a free sample service. Send us 40 images for Color Correction, plus any example images. We will send you 40 great looking images for you to review.
We use the best software for image color correction for professional photographers. We use Adobe Lightroom 3, 4, and 5, Adobe Photoshop.
You can use file sharing sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer as well.
We edit image of different types/styles. Being our client you can get high quality portrait retouching service, professional glamour portrait photo retouching, photo enhancement services, wedding photo editing services, image background removal services, airbrushing service, photo correction services, high end photo retouching as well as the photo culling services.
It is possible to pay via PAYPAL and with the Credit Card as well.
Once your order is ready, you will receive a mail from our side.
We’re happy to give you more information and/or discuss your needs in more detail– simply email us at.
Yes, we’ve got discount system. Please contact us via e-mail.
Certainly yes! No worries about using our photo post processing service as the outsource photography editing. We take care about privacy of our clients’ orders. We won’t ever use your pictures for any other projects.
The order for the color correction this is obligatory to give us some examples of the style you are looking for, thus we will be able to follow the edit style you’d love to get as the result!
We work with all file types but it is better, to send us RAW files.
• Our turnaround time is 24 - 72 hours excluding holidays and weekend.
• We have No minimum or maximum amounts of images that you may order.
• You can contact us at For Order or any question.
We calibrate our monitors at the beginning of every week! Having good calibration ensures that all the machines in our office match one another and allows us to deliver a consistent product.
•Just let us know which reworks are needed to be done. We’ll modify the image at no charge if the retoucher missed some of the comments given originally.
•Color Correction services includes Raw to JPEG conversion, Adjustment of brightness / contrast / color, Cropping and straightening, Sharpening or noise reduction, Application of your Lightroom presets, Black and white conversion or copies, Lightroom catalog, XMP files, and/or JPEG files for finished product .
• We currently issue invoices in the following currencies, depending on your location: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, MEX, INR
It is a pre-editing. We will remove the duplicates, bad or out of focus photos to leave you with the best selection.
•Sure, please provide us with some general instructions on how you'd like your photos to be cropped.
•When your photos have been processed we'll deliver them via LR cat. If you'd like your images converted to JPGs, we will do that and return them via Dropbox.
•Yes, we have worked with VSCO presets earlier and they are great way to process your images in a unique way. Just share your favourite VSCO preset(s) with us along with the requisite Camera Profiles and we will process your images using them. Write to to request for some VSCO samples